jeudi 29 mars 2012

Photos des Teaser Trailers de The Golden Lily

Les teaser trailers de The Golden Lily (Bloodlines #2) ont été tournés il y a déjà quelques semaines par Penguin Australia et ils devraient être diffusés progressivement à partir de la semaine prochaine.

Par contre quelques photos sont disponibles sur la page facebook de Bloodlines:

Photos durant le tournage : ce sont uniquement des photos de Daisy Masterman qui interprète Sydney. On dirait qu'elle sera la seule actrice de ces trailers.

Photos du trailer :

Et puisque la page FB de Bloodlines a atteint 20000 fans, ils ont posté une citation de The Golden Lily : c'est la première phrase du chapitre 20

mercredi 21 mars 2012

Premier chapitre de The Golden Lily

Comme pour Bloodlines, nous avons le droit au premier chapitre de The Golden Lily ! Avec en prime, une interview de Richelle qui parle notamment de Dimitri :)

Pour l'interview je vous laisse aller lire ici. les infos les plus importantes sont que Dimitri aura un rôle secondaire comme prévu dans TGL, mais qu'il fera comme d'habitude ce qu'il sait faire de mieux : being hot, kicking ass, and dropping words of wisdom with a Russian accent. Angeline rejoint le groupe Eddie / Jill / Sydney / Adrian ce qui ajoute un peu de fun et d'innatendu...

Et voici le premier chapitre :

N'hésitez pas à poster vos réactions :) (je vous avoue que je n'ai pas encore eu le temps de le lire en entier... mais j'aime beaucoup qu'elle l'ait dédié à son fils)

vendredi 16 mars 2012

Couverture FORETOLD EDIT date de sortie

Voici la couverture de l'anthologie FORETOLD: 14 STORIES OF PROPHECY AND PREDICTION

Cette anthologie sortira cette année (à l'automne normalement) et, pour ceux qui auraient raté l'info, elle contiendra l'histoire de Rose et Dimitri qui retournent en Russie. 


EDIT : finalement la date de sortie a été avancée au 28 août 2012 (US). Plus que 5 mois avant de retrouver Rose et Dimitri!

Nouvel extrait du roman graphique Frostbite

Voici enfin un aperçu d'Adrian en couleur dans le roman graphique Frostbite: 

Alors, vos premières réactions ?
Rose elle n'est pas sensée être en veste de ski la première fois qu'elle le rencontre :) ?

vendredi 9 mars 2012

Résumé Tchat Twitter avec Richelle Mead

La nuit dernière Richelle Mead répondait à toutes vos questions sur twitter (118 questions en 55 minutes pour être précise :) ). Tout a été évoqué ou presque, de la nouvelle date de sortie (VO) de The Golden Lily le 12 juin 2012 (avancé d'une semaine), à ses déplacements qui ne concerneront pas l'Europe pour la promo de TGL et plus encore.

  •  Rapidement voici les infos principales :

 -nouvelle date de sortie USA de The Golden Lily le 12 juin 2012 (avancé d'une semaine)
-L'anthologie qui comprendra l'histoire de Rose et Dimitri en Russie s'appellera FORETOLD et sortira cette année.
-Son prochain roman adulte age of X sortira en 2013.
-Elle n'écrira sûrement jamais du point de vue de Dimitri. Ni d'Adrian.
-Par contre si elle a du temps elle écrira peut-être un jour sur Abe et Janine. (mon rêve!!)
-Nous verrons bien Dimitri dans The Golden Lily ! Micah et Zoé, la soeur de Sydney, aussi. Christian et Rose également referont des apparences dans la série Bloodlines en général. Angeline a un rôle important dans The Golden Lily. Abe sera toujours dans le coin.
-La fin de TGL semble être un bon cliffhanger comme elle sait si bien les faire... et elle est en train d'écrit Bloodlines #3.
-Elle aimerait venir en France mais avec le bébé ça semble compromis...
-Rose est bélier et Dimitri sagittaire. (ce n'est pas vital comme information, mais j'aime ce genre d'anecdotes...)

  • Et toutes les questions (VO):

RichelleMead: It's go-time, guys. Let's get this Twitter party started. Meet you over at #VAapp
RM: Biggest news of all: The Golden Lily's release date has been moved up to June 12. One week early!

Q: Do you think about creating another VA spin off series narrated by another character... perhaps Dimitri? #VAapp
RM: I probably won't do anything from Dimitri's point of view. It makes him more mysterious if I don't. :) #VAapp

Q: Are we having a kiss scene in The Golden Lily? (I'm no between who :P)
RM: All I'll say is that people who like romance won't be disappointed in The Golden Lily.

Q: Who is your favorite character to write dialogue for?
RM: Adrian and Dorian are my fave characters to write dialogue for. I would love to write them hanging out together.

Q: What's the hardest part of writing Sydney?
RM: The hardest part of writing Sydney is that she's really smart...and I'm not sure I'm as smart as her.

Q: Hi Richelle, when's the Rose/Dimitri/Russia story coming out? :)
RM: The Rose/Dimitri/Russia story will be out in an anthology called FORETOLD later this year.

Q: have you already started writing the next one?
RM: Yes! I'm currently working on Bloodlines #3, title to be released soon.

Q: What was YOUR favourite book growing up? #VAapp
RM: I love the Dragonlance series and the Anne of Green Gables series.

RM: There should be 6 books in the Bloodlines series, I think. #VAapp

Q: What's your fav aspect of the VA world (creatures, relationships, characters, etc.)
RM: Relationships between characters are definitely my fave parts of the VA world. And funny dialogue

Q: Not App related. When you were a teacher, how’d you balance out working and writing?
RM: When I was a teacher, I had to write after school and on weekends. It became too hard, so I quit teaching.

Q: How do you balance being a mom and a rock star author?
RM: It's very hard being a mom and an author! He comes first in all things, which makes it difficult writing Bloodlines #3

Q: Can you give any teasers from The Golden Lily?
RM : Bloodlines teasers will be coming in a couple of months.

Q: Hungarian fans would like to know - although Adrian is royal, why he doesn't have a Guardian?
RM: Adrian could have a guardian but he chooses not to in Palm Springs. He didn't have one at Court b/c it was safe there

Q: Not really a question, but I want to show you my Spirit Bound drawing Hope you'll take a look!
RM: Awesome. :)

Q: What book are you currently reading?
RM: I'm not reading anything right now. So sad.

Q: Will there be more Rose and Dimitri in "The Golden Lily?"
RM: You'll definitely see Dimitri in The Golden Lily.

Q: How do you write your books? Have you planned whole story (or series) before you start writing?
RM: All of my books are planned in advance, though lots of surprises still pop up along the way.

Q: Have you ever had to cut/add a character in the middle of a work in progess?
RM : Yup. Characters are cut and added all the time. There are always surprises when writing!

Q: What made you want to write about vampires?
RM: I'd written about fairies and demons and vampires seemed like something fun and new to write for me.

Q: Between Rose, Sydney, Eugenie and Georgina do you have a favorite narrator? If so why?
RM : I don't have a fave narrator. I love them all. :) #VAapp

Q: is Rose going to be making an appearance in a future Bloodlines book?
RM : For sure! We'll see Rose again in the Bloodlines series. #VAapp

Q: So I have to know where did you get the idea for rose's character? Sorry forget the hastag!
RM : Rose was created b/c I really wanted a kickass character who was my opposite and had lots of room to grow.

Q: I love those types of characters! When you first started VA did you even have any Ideas of Bloodlines yet?
RM : I knew around the time of Shadow Kiss that I'd be writing a spin-off series

Q: do you know when there will be a description of your new adult series available??
RM : The closest description right now is on my blog. Go to the tags and click Age of X.

Q: Does Sydney ever tell Adrian that Pine-sol is for wood only? #VApp
RM : She doesn't, but I just realized Adrian has pine candles in TGL. He must really love that scent!

Q: How do you name characters? Who or what crosses your mind when you’re naming them?
RM : I basically flip through name books until something "feels" right.

Q: You are my favorite author! Your books seriously changed my life! Thank you so much for writing.
RM : Thank you for reading.

Q: sulking cause @RichelleMead will never see my tweet #VAapp.I want an arc so bad. & more of Adrian
RM : I saw this tweet! :)

Q: are there any future plans for coming to Europe on one of your book tours? Or any other countries outside the US?
RM : At the moment, there are no international tours planned b/c of the baby. But, we'll see !

Q: Will Christian make an appearance in Bloodlines? :)
RM : Yup, we'll eventually see Christian again.

Q: Any moments in particular that were your favorite in any of the books?
RM : Lots of fave moments! The sad ending of Shadow Kiss is one of my faves.

Q: Will you be touring in Indiana at some point?
RM : No, but I'll be in Chicago in April. Keep checking for tour dates

Q: Not VA/BL, but any chance of Georgina Kincaid being featured in the VA app
RM : Probably not. :( Penguin made the app, so probably just their books.

Q: Perhaps a series or short story with Abe? He's one FINE creation of yours, Richelle. ;)
RM : It would be awesome to do an Abe/Janine story someday. I just need the time! :)

Q: On average how long does it take you to write a book, to know its finished or feel finished?
RM : A book's rough draft takes about 6 weeks to write, then another 3 months working with my editor. 

Q; Does it feel weird that you're sorta completely done with Rose's story and beginning Sydney's?
RM : Nah, in some ways, they're all part of one big story. And who knows? Maybe Rose will be back w/another story someday.

Q: Do you ever check out your fan pages?
RM : I try to check my fan pages! Lots of good ones out there.

Q: what advice to have for aspiring writers? 
 RM : Write what you love and worry about what others think later. Also, write every day, even a little. Good luck!

Q: VA series has alot of tear jerking moments, did u get emotionally writing it?
RM : I don't get emotional writing, but I get emotional reading what I've written.

Q: Didn't you create Rose and Dimitri's birthdays? It would have been nice to be able to celebrate them
RM : I don't have exact dates, but Rose is an Aries and Dimitri is Sagittarius
Q: will we ever see more of The Keepers?
RM : Yup! Angeline has a big part in The Golden Lily.

Q: What's your favorite way to interact with fans?
RM : I love book signings. Online is great too but it's amazing to meet fans face to face.

Q: You're the master-lady of cliffhangers. Will we see one soon in the Bloodlines series?
RM : Yes. The ending of The Golden Lily will make you go ".....?"

Q: do you know where you are going on tour this year or when we will find out?
RM : I'll tour in June and also have a few stops later in the year. They'll be posted on when I know.

Q: Do you think (and want) to go one day in France? French fan want to meet you :)
RM : I would love to visit France! International travel is hard right now with the baby.

Q: I wanna know how we can get the books in the app without purchasing them again I've already purchased all of them
RM : Unfortunately, it's not possible. The app is kind of like it's own special reader, like a Nook or Kindle. :( Sorry!

Q: Does it scare you to think of someone else taking over your books and turning them into movies?
RM : It's scary, but I'd still enjoy seeing what someone does w/a movie. They can't change the books. Those are mine. :)

Q: when is your next adult series going to be published?
RM : My next adult series, Age of X, will be out in 2013. :-/ Things move a lot slower with a baby now.

Q: Can't we get a new sneak peek of Adrian in the Frostbite graphic book? ;)
RM : Hmm. I'll see what I can do! @Emmavieceli might be able to help

Q: i hear there might be a movie on vampire academy, are these rumors true... please say yes :)
RM : No movie in progress right now. Check the FAQ on for the latest. Fingers crossed!

Q: how long is the gold lily? how many pages?
RM : I don't know the page count offhand, but TGL is longer than Bloodlines.

Q: do you personally have someone in mind to play Dimitri Belikov in the VA movie?
RM : I don't have anyone in mind, but a lot of people like Ben Barnes for Dimitri.

Q: I was told there would be Adrian and puppies here? Is this where I pick up my Adrian and puppies?
RM : I think Adrian and the puppies come out later.

Q: I absolutely love anything Vampire Academy! You're one of the authors who inspired me to write my own series :)
RM : Good luck!

Q: You write YA but you also write for adults. How is for you to make the transition between both? Do you take a break?
RM No, I just switch from adult to YA as needed. It's all about time management.

Q: if you had to chose: Dimitri or Adrian? tough choices i know!
RM : I could never choose between Adrian and Dimitri! Or Seth...or Dorian...

Q: What is your favorite thing about writing THIS series? Was it easier for you that VA or harder
RM : It was hard getting started w/Bloodlines b/c I had to get in a new character's head. Not too bad now. 
RM : Usually characters aren't based on people I know, but Abe looks an awful lot like a guy I went to college with.

Q: Any chance of a short story or anything from Adrian's POV?
RM : Nothing palnned from Adrian's POV right now!

Q: Do you prefer female or male POV?
RM : Female POV is easier, but male is certainly fun. :)

Q: will you be taking your characters back to the Detroit/A2 area?
RM : I don't think the gang will be in Michigan again, but I might be.

Q: how is your next adult series going to be called?
RM : Age of XQ: I freaking love Abe, will we get to see more of him in the series?

RM : Yeah, Abe will be back. He never goes away.

Q: jst out of hospital &; need something to read for a few weeks.. what do you recommed? Fantasy & young love is my fav
RM : @rachelcaine is great. Also check Beautiful Creatures by @kamigarcia and @mstohl

RM : Yup, there's more magic in Sydney's future.

Q: Do you think you'll ever tour around the NH/MA area?
RM : Maybe! I don't think so this year, but keep checking appearance on or sign up for my mailing list

Q: are u excited for the golden lilys release?
RM : I am SO excite for TGL. One of my favorite books I've ever written.

Q: when are you due? do you know if you're having a boy or girl yet?
RM : I had him last summer. He's a boy. :)

Q: have you ever read any VA fanfiction? What do you think about them?
RM : I stay away from fan's too strange for me to see others write about my characters!

Q: are you excited to introduce your little boy to the world of reading/writing as he grows?
RM : Yes, my baby already loves reading and he's only 6 months.

Q: I love Adrian so much! He's one of my favorite characters. How fun is His character to write?
RM : Super fun. :).

Q: I LOVE Adrian since VA, are you going to be kind with him in GoldenLily or he still going to suffer in the romance dep
RM : All my characters have to suffer a little...

Q: Out of all the urban fantasy/PNR series I've read, yours are the most emotionally charged.
RM : Thank you!

Q: Will we be very heart broken in the BL series? Just began Georgina Kincaid series and have been crying non stop
RM : Oh sad. :( Yeah, there's a little more heartache..

Q: have you always wanted to write your books as series?
RM : Yeah, I have to write series. The stories I think of are too big for one book

Q: Sydney will be the narrator of The golden lily?
RM : Yup, Sydney's the narrator in TGL

Q: is it Sydney's sister on the cover oh TGL?
RM : Jill is on the cover with Sydney for TGL

Q: did you always have plans for Sydney and Adrian? PS loved the Australia shutout with "Sydney Melbourne" in Bloodlines.
RM : Thank you! Someone got offended by the Australia jokes, but I LOVE Australia. One of my fave countries

Q: If you were a moroi, which element would you want to wield?
RM : Maybe water b/c I'm such a bad swimmer

Q: why there is anything about the graphic novels on the App?
RM : Good question. I don't think the graphic novels exist digitally yet...hopefully soon!

Q: Do you prefer writing YA or adult books?
RM : I like writing both YA and adult. Each have their own pros and cons.

Q: What was the moral that sends the end of Last Sacrifice?Cause it could have been sad,cause of everything,but it wasn't  
RM : Hmm, moral of Last Sacrifice? Probably that love is big and very, very powerful.

Q: you thought about mentoring an aspiring author? 
RM : I wish I could, but there's not enough time with being a mom and making deadlines. Good luck!

Q: You are my inspiration for my writing. Thank you for showing so much courage through your books. Luv ya! 
RM : Thanks!

Q: Have you thought of writing a short story for Eugiene and Dorian? Fans of the series wanted more, hehe. 
RM : I hope I can get back to Eugenie someday. She's on hold (I know, crazy ending!), so we'll see. Fingers crossed

Q: When are you going to do another signing in Seattle 
RM : June, for sure, when TGL comes out. Check appearances on when it's closer.

Q: What about Sydney's sister, Zoe will we see more of her? Can she & Sydney patch things up? 
RM : We'll see Zoe again. :)

Q: Is there a possibility of a future spinoff with Roman or Carter as the main character? 
RM : No plans right now, but they'd be fun to write

Q: Which secondary character was the most fun for you to write? I personally love Eddie :) 
RM : Abe is probably my fave secondary character to write, but I do loves me some Eddie

Q: How you feeling about be one of the only author who have a whole world? 
RM : I hope other authors get their own worlds too. :)

Q: Do you think you'll tour on the east coast? around Virginia or North Carolina? 
RM : Not sure about those places, but I'll be out east this year for sure.

Q: Do you ever think you will come to Ireland? 
RM : I hope so. I had a personal vacation there a few years ago and loved it. So beautiful!

Q: I dyed my hair red in celebration of the VA series, shall we start a worldwide trend? 
RM : Nice !

Q: How long does it take you to outline a book? 
RM : Outlining a book is hard. It can take a week or a month depending on how strong the idea is in my head.

Q: where and when did you find out VA was going to be published 
RM : I found out around my birthday in 2006. Can't remember where...probably at home. :)

Q: Does Adrian get a car in TGL or is he still bumming it on the bus? 
RM : have a BIG role in the Golden Lily.

Q: Who was the first character you came up with in VA? Rose/Dimitri/Lissa/Adrian? 
RM : Rose was the first VA character I created. THen Dimitri.

Q: Do you have any info whether international releases are same-day? (Hi from Australia!)
 RM: Australia, UK, and US *should* have the same release day.

Q: Which character are you the most proud for creating??? 
RM : I'm proud of them all, but I love that so many girls want to be strong like Rose

Q: Weird Q for ya, neighbors still leaving you baby stuff? LOL 
RM : lol NO! No more surprise baby stuff from neighbors. :)

Q: when will you be coming to visit us down here in Australia? 
RM : Probably not this year but hopefully soon. I love you guys!

Q: Vampire Academy is AMAZING! You're a great writer, really. 
RM : THank you!

Q: will Micah be returning in TGL? 
RM : Yup, we'll see Micah in TGL

Q: I Love your YA books even though I'm 26 years old, how do your other books compare? 
RM : Well, I'm biased toward them. :) Check out their descriptions under books at

Q: How old do you think your son will have to be before you tour Aus again? 
RM : Haha, not sure. It'd be fun if he could go with me, but he'd prob have to be 3. I might be there sooner.

Q: About the romance, have you have in mind a romance for two characters we did not see coming in TGL? 
RM : Yes, there are surprise romances in TGL

Q: Are there plans about the following graphic novels? 
RM : THe Frostbite GN will come out in April. It's awesome.

Q: Now that you're a mom, do you see yourself writing children's books in the future? 
RM : Ha, no. I think YA are the youngest books I'll write. But I'm learning a lot about children's books!

Q: Favorite part of the app? 
RM : Love the characters in the app.

Q: Does Sydney's sister/father become more important to the storyline as the Bloodlines series progresses? 
RM : yup, we'll see more of Sydney's family as the series progresses. Not so much in TGL.


jeudi 8 mars 2012

Bloodlines sera publié en français par Castelmore

Nous attendions tous la nouvelle avec impatience et elle vient enfin de tomber : Bloodlines, le spin-off de Vampire Academy sera bien publié en français, par Castelmore.

Voici les infos en provenance directe du blog Castelmore :
C’est avec un grand, grand plaisir que je vous annonce que la série Bloodlines de Richelle Mead sera publiée chez Castelmore, avec un premier tome prévu pour la fin de l’année 2012! 

Voilà, vous pouvez bondir de joie et passer l’info à tous vos contacts! 

Pour ceux qui ne seraient pas encore au courant, Bloodlines est le spin off de la série Vampire Academy. Mais c’est quoi un spin off? Un spin off, c’est quand on reprend des personnages secondaires d’une série et qu’on leur consacre à leur tour une deuxième série.

Dans le cas de Vampire Academy/Bloodlines, vous aurez la joie de retrouver Sydney, l’alchimiste au tatouage doré qui vient en aide à Rose dans le tome 4 de VA, mais aussi… Adrian! Vous reverrez également les personnages que vous avez aimé dans Vampire Academy, vous croiserez au détour des pages Rose, Lissa et bien d’autres… mais vous les verrez à travers les yeux de Sydney. 

Tout comme Vampire Academy, Bloodlines devrait compter six tomes au total.
Et pour fêter ça, nous avons mit Vampire Academy France aux couleurs de Bloodlines ! (merci beaucoup Laura :) ) On espére que ce changement vous plaira autant qu'à nous...

mercredi 7 mars 2012

Chat Twitter avec Richelle Mead vendredi 9 mars 00h30 EDIT

Richelle Mead organisera un chat sur Twitter cette semaine : le vendredi 9 mars de 00h30 à 01h30 (heure de Paris) (équivalent au jeudi 8 mars 18h30-19h30 Eastern US time).

Pour les couche-tard, profitez en! Richelle répondra aux questions sur VA, Bloodlines, l'application etc.

Je ne sais pas exactement comment ça va se passer mais voici le lien vers le compte Twitter de Richelle Mead.


EDIT déroulement : 
-Pour suivre le tchat il suffira de chercher et actualiser le hashtag #VAapp, vous verrez alors toutes les questions et les réponses.

-Pour poser les questions vous pouvez adresser le tweet @RichelleMead mais il faudra absolument le hashtag #VAapp également, sinon personne ne verra votre question.

-Avant de poser une question vérifiez qu'elle n'a pas été posée, et ce n'est pas la peine de demander trop de détails sur les livres (par exemple elle ne pourra pas vous dire lui et elle finiront ensemble). Elle ne vous spoilera pas son histoire :)

-Par contre même si le hashtag c'est #VAapp vous pouvez poser n'importe quelle question à Richelle (sur VA, Bloodlines...). Il y aura les personnes de Penguin qui seront présents pour répondre à toutes les questions sur l'application et aider Richelle.

-Et enfin si Richelle ne vous répond pas c'est que, comme d'habitude lors de ses tchats, il y a trop de questions posées et elle n'a pas le temps de répondre à tout le monde! De plus, twitter=140 caractères donc pas d'offense si les réponses sont courtes, c'est qu'elle ne peut pas faire plus long ;)

vendredi 2 mars 2012

Compte à rebours Application The World of Richelle Mead EDIT

Tous les jours jusqu'au 2 mars Richelle postera sur son blog des screenshot de l'application The world of Richelle Mead :

Les premiers qui ont été postés hier concernent la partie personnages :
Ci dessus pour iPad
Et là pour iphone

La différence vient bien évidemment de la taille de l'écran, c'est trop petit sur iphone pour pouvoir voir les médaillons avec les différents personnages (arriverez-vous à tous les reconnaître d'ailleurs?)
On retrouve pour chacun sa bio et les relations avec les autres persos, comme dans le guide je suppose.

Ce soir Richelle postera un nouveau screenshot.


EDIT : Voici un aperçu de la partie sur Richelle Mead
Infos, bio, twitter et facebook de Richelle, ainsi que des photos et des vidéos sont au programme de cette section.

EDIT : Voici les derniers ajouts concernant la partie "Books" où on peut acheter chaque tome pour 9.99$.

Une fois que vous avez acheté le tome, vous avez accès en le lisant à des notes de Richelle (c'est le sceau rouge avec un R comme Richelle :) )

Si le sceau rouge est avec un "i" cela sera une autre information (texte, photo, vidéo...). On peut également twitter ou poster sur facebook certains passages dans la partie communauté et cela sera visible par tout le monde.
Attention : Si vous avez déjà des copies digitales d'un tome de VA ou Bloodlines, cela ne sera malheureusement pas compatible avec l'application. C'est indépendant de tous les vendeurs d'ebooks (amazon, itunes etc.) donc pour avoir accès aux informations supplémentaires il faudra repayer le bouquin. Cependant par exemple la "note" ci-dessus est exactement celle du guide VA donc il n'y aura peut-être pas de contenu exclusif... Attendons donc de voir :)

Rappel : L'application sortira demain le 2 mars sur ipad, iphone et ipodtouch. Aucun développement sur Androïd n'est prévu pour le moment.

Edit : L'application est désormais disponible sur itunes (américain) on devrait pouvoir la télécharger sous peu. Pour ce dernier jour Richelle a posté des screenshots de la partie communauté:

Il y a des sondages, une partie news, des liens vers des pages FB et Twitter autour de VA etc.
Alors, qui va la télécharger dés qu'elle sera disponible sur l'itunes français??

NB : il faut avoir ios5 pour pouvoir télécharger l'application.