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Résumé Tchat Twitter avec Richelle Mead

La nuit dernière Richelle Mead répondait à toutes vos questions sur twitter (118 questions en 55 minutes pour être précise :) ). Tout a été évoqué ou presque, de la nouvelle date de sortie (VO) de The Golden Lily le 12 juin 2012 (avancé d'une semaine), à ses déplacements qui ne concerneront pas l'Europe pour la promo de TGL et plus encore.

  •  Rapidement voici les infos principales :

 -nouvelle date de sortie USA de The Golden Lily le 12 juin 2012 (avancé d'une semaine)
-L'anthologie qui comprendra l'histoire de Rose et Dimitri en Russie s'appellera FORETOLD et sortira cette année.
-Son prochain roman adulte age of X sortira en 2013.
-Elle n'écrira sûrement jamais du point de vue de Dimitri. Ni d'Adrian.
-Par contre si elle a du temps elle écrira peut-être un jour sur Abe et Janine. (mon rêve!!)
-Nous verrons bien Dimitri dans The Golden Lily ! Micah et Zoé, la soeur de Sydney, aussi. Christian et Rose également referont des apparences dans la série Bloodlines en général. Angeline a un rôle important dans The Golden Lily. Abe sera toujours dans le coin.
-La fin de TGL semble être un bon cliffhanger comme elle sait si bien les faire... et elle est en train d'écrit Bloodlines #3.
-Elle aimerait venir en France mais avec le bébé ça semble compromis...
-Rose est bélier et Dimitri sagittaire. (ce n'est pas vital comme information, mais j'aime ce genre d'anecdotes...)

  • Et toutes les questions (VO):

RichelleMead: It's go-time, guys. Let's get this Twitter party started. Meet you over at #VAapp
RM: Biggest news of all: The Golden Lily's release date has been moved up to June 12. One week early!

Q: Do you think about creating another VA spin off series narrated by another character... perhaps Dimitri? #VAapp
RM: I probably won't do anything from Dimitri's point of view. It makes him more mysterious if I don't. :) #VAapp

Q: Are we having a kiss scene in The Golden Lily? (I'm no between who :P)
RM: All I'll say is that people who like romance won't be disappointed in The Golden Lily.

Q: Who is your favorite character to write dialogue for?
RM: Adrian and Dorian are my fave characters to write dialogue for. I would love to write them hanging out together.

Q: What's the hardest part of writing Sydney?
RM: The hardest part of writing Sydney is that she's really smart...and I'm not sure I'm as smart as her.

Q: Hi Richelle, when's the Rose/Dimitri/Russia story coming out? :)
RM: The Rose/Dimitri/Russia story will be out in an anthology called FORETOLD later this year.

Q: have you already started writing the next one?
RM: Yes! I'm currently working on Bloodlines #3, title to be released soon.

Q: What was YOUR favourite book growing up? #VAapp
RM: I love the Dragonlance series and the Anne of Green Gables series.

RM: There should be 6 books in the Bloodlines series, I think. #VAapp

Q: What's your fav aspect of the VA world (creatures, relationships, characters, etc.)
RM: Relationships between characters are definitely my fave parts of the VA world. And funny dialogue

Q: Not App related. When you were a teacher, how’d you balance out working and writing?
RM: When I was a teacher, I had to write after school and on weekends. It became too hard, so I quit teaching.

Q: How do you balance being a mom and a rock star author?
RM: It's very hard being a mom and an author! He comes first in all things, which makes it difficult writing Bloodlines #3

Q: Can you give any teasers from The Golden Lily?
RM : Bloodlines teasers will be coming in a couple of months.

Q: Hungarian fans would like to know - although Adrian is royal, why he doesn't have a Guardian?
RM: Adrian could have a guardian but he chooses not to in Palm Springs. He didn't have one at Court b/c it was safe there

Q: Not really a question, but I want to show you my Spirit Bound drawing Hope you'll take a look!
RM: Awesome. :)

Q: What book are you currently reading?
RM: I'm not reading anything right now. So sad.

Q: Will there be more Rose and Dimitri in "The Golden Lily?"
RM: You'll definitely see Dimitri in The Golden Lily.

Q: How do you write your books? Have you planned whole story (or series) before you start writing?
RM: All of my books are planned in advance, though lots of surprises still pop up along the way.

Q: Have you ever had to cut/add a character in the middle of a work in progess?
RM : Yup. Characters are cut and added all the time. There are always surprises when writing!

Q: What made you want to write about vampires?
RM: I'd written about fairies and demons and vampires seemed like something fun and new to write for me.

Q: Between Rose, Sydney, Eugenie and Georgina do you have a favorite narrator? If so why?
RM : I don't have a fave narrator. I love them all. :) #VAapp

Q: is Rose going to be making an appearance in a future Bloodlines book?
RM : For sure! We'll see Rose again in the Bloodlines series. #VAapp

Q: So I have to know where did you get the idea for rose's character? Sorry forget the hastag!
RM : Rose was created b/c I really wanted a kickass character who was my opposite and had lots of room to grow.

Q: I love those types of characters! When you first started VA did you even have any Ideas of Bloodlines yet?
RM : I knew around the time of Shadow Kiss that I'd be writing a spin-off series

Q: do you know when there will be a description of your new adult series available??
RM : The closest description right now is on my blog. Go to the tags and click Age of X.

Q: Does Sydney ever tell Adrian that Pine-sol is for wood only? #VApp
RM : She doesn't, but I just realized Adrian has pine candles in TGL. He must really love that scent!

Q: How do you name characters? Who or what crosses your mind when you’re naming them?
RM : I basically flip through name books until something "feels" right.

Q: You are my favorite author! Your books seriously changed my life! Thank you so much for writing.
RM : Thank you for reading.

Q: sulking cause @RichelleMead will never see my tweet #VAapp.I want an arc so bad. & more of Adrian
RM : I saw this tweet! :)

Q: are there any future plans for coming to Europe on one of your book tours? Or any other countries outside the US?
RM : At the moment, there are no international tours planned b/c of the baby. But, we'll see !

Q: Will Christian make an appearance in Bloodlines? :)
RM : Yup, we'll eventually see Christian again.

Q: Any moments in particular that were your favorite in any of the books?
RM : Lots of fave moments! The sad ending of Shadow Kiss is one of my faves.

Q: Will you be touring in Indiana at some point?
RM : No, but I'll be in Chicago in April. Keep checking for tour dates

Q: Not VA/BL, but any chance of Georgina Kincaid being featured in the VA app
RM : Probably not. :( Penguin made the app, so probably just their books.

Q: Perhaps a series or short story with Abe? He's one FINE creation of yours, Richelle. ;)
RM : It would be awesome to do an Abe/Janine story someday. I just need the time! :)

Q: On average how long does it take you to write a book, to know its finished or feel finished?
RM : A book's rough draft takes about 6 weeks to write, then another 3 months working with my editor. 

Q; Does it feel weird that you're sorta completely done with Rose's story and beginning Sydney's?
RM : Nah, in some ways, they're all part of one big story. And who knows? Maybe Rose will be back w/another story someday.

Q: Do you ever check out your fan pages?
RM : I try to check my fan pages! Lots of good ones out there.

Q: what advice to have for aspiring writers? 
 RM : Write what you love and worry about what others think later. Also, write every day, even a little. Good luck!

Q: VA series has alot of tear jerking moments, did u get emotionally writing it?
RM : I don't get emotional writing, but I get emotional reading what I've written.

Q: Didn't you create Rose and Dimitri's birthdays? It would have been nice to be able to celebrate them
RM : I don't have exact dates, but Rose is an Aries and Dimitri is Sagittarius
Q: will we ever see more of The Keepers?
RM : Yup! Angeline has a big part in The Golden Lily.

Q: What's your favorite way to interact with fans?
RM : I love book signings. Online is great too but it's amazing to meet fans face to face.

Q: You're the master-lady of cliffhangers. Will we see one soon in the Bloodlines series?
RM : Yes. The ending of The Golden Lily will make you go ".....?"

Q: do you know where you are going on tour this year or when we will find out?
RM : I'll tour in June and also have a few stops later in the year. They'll be posted on when I know.

Q: Do you think (and want) to go one day in France? French fan want to meet you :)
RM : I would love to visit France! International travel is hard right now with the baby.

Q: I wanna know how we can get the books in the app without purchasing them again I've already purchased all of them
RM : Unfortunately, it's not possible. The app is kind of like it's own special reader, like a Nook or Kindle. :( Sorry!

Q: Does it scare you to think of someone else taking over your books and turning them into movies?
RM : It's scary, but I'd still enjoy seeing what someone does w/a movie. They can't change the books. Those are mine. :)

Q: when is your next adult series going to be published?
RM : My next adult series, Age of X, will be out in 2013. :-/ Things move a lot slower with a baby now.

Q: Can't we get a new sneak peek of Adrian in the Frostbite graphic book? ;)
RM : Hmm. I'll see what I can do! @Emmavieceli might be able to help

Q: i hear there might be a movie on vampire academy, are these rumors true... please say yes :)
RM : No movie in progress right now. Check the FAQ on for the latest. Fingers crossed!

Q: how long is the gold lily? how many pages?
RM : I don't know the page count offhand, but TGL is longer than Bloodlines.

Q: do you personally have someone in mind to play Dimitri Belikov in the VA movie?
RM : I don't have anyone in mind, but a lot of people like Ben Barnes for Dimitri.

Q: I was told there would be Adrian and puppies here? Is this where I pick up my Adrian and puppies?
RM : I think Adrian and the puppies come out later.

Q: I absolutely love anything Vampire Academy! You're one of the authors who inspired me to write my own series :)
RM : Good luck!

Q: You write YA but you also write for adults. How is for you to make the transition between both? Do you take a break?
RM No, I just switch from adult to YA as needed. It's all about time management.

Q: if you had to chose: Dimitri or Adrian? tough choices i know!
RM : I could never choose between Adrian and Dimitri! Or Seth...or Dorian...

Q: What is your favorite thing about writing THIS series? Was it easier for you that VA or harder
RM : It was hard getting started w/Bloodlines b/c I had to get in a new character's head. Not too bad now. 
RM : Usually characters aren't based on people I know, but Abe looks an awful lot like a guy I went to college with.

Q: Any chance of a short story or anything from Adrian's POV?
RM : Nothing palnned from Adrian's POV right now!

Q: Do you prefer female or male POV?
RM : Female POV is easier, but male is certainly fun. :)

Q: will you be taking your characters back to the Detroit/A2 area?
RM : I don't think the gang will be in Michigan again, but I might be.

Q: how is your next adult series going to be called?
RM : Age of XQ: I freaking love Abe, will we get to see more of him in the series?

RM : Yeah, Abe will be back. He never goes away.

Q: jst out of hospital &; need something to read for a few weeks.. what do you recommed? Fantasy & young love is my fav
RM : @rachelcaine is great. Also check Beautiful Creatures by @kamigarcia and @mstohl

RM : Yup, there's more magic in Sydney's future.

Q: Do you think you'll ever tour around the NH/MA area?
RM : Maybe! I don't think so this year, but keep checking appearance on or sign up for my mailing list

Q: are u excited for the golden lilys release?
RM : I am SO excite for TGL. One of my favorite books I've ever written.

Q: when are you due? do you know if you're having a boy or girl yet?
RM : I had him last summer. He's a boy. :)

Q: have you ever read any VA fanfiction? What do you think about them?
RM : I stay away from fan's too strange for me to see others write about my characters!

Q: are you excited to introduce your little boy to the world of reading/writing as he grows?
RM : Yes, my baby already loves reading and he's only 6 months.

Q: I love Adrian so much! He's one of my favorite characters. How fun is His character to write?
RM : Super fun. :).

Q: I LOVE Adrian since VA, are you going to be kind with him in GoldenLily or he still going to suffer in the romance dep
RM : All my characters have to suffer a little...

Q: Out of all the urban fantasy/PNR series I've read, yours are the most emotionally charged.
RM : Thank you!

Q: Will we be very heart broken in the BL series? Just began Georgina Kincaid series and have been crying non stop
RM : Oh sad. :( Yeah, there's a little more heartache..

Q: have you always wanted to write your books as series?
RM : Yeah, I have to write series. The stories I think of are too big for one book

Q: Sydney will be the narrator of The golden lily?
RM : Yup, Sydney's the narrator in TGL

Q: is it Sydney's sister on the cover oh TGL?
RM : Jill is on the cover with Sydney for TGL

Q: did you always have plans for Sydney and Adrian? PS loved the Australia shutout with "Sydney Melbourne" in Bloodlines.
RM : Thank you! Someone got offended by the Australia jokes, but I LOVE Australia. One of my fave countries

Q: If you were a moroi, which element would you want to wield?
RM : Maybe water b/c I'm such a bad swimmer

Q: why there is anything about the graphic novels on the App?
RM : Good question. I don't think the graphic novels exist digitally yet...hopefully soon!

Q: Do you prefer writing YA or adult books?
RM : I like writing both YA and adult. Each have their own pros and cons.

Q: What was the moral that sends the end of Last Sacrifice?Cause it could have been sad,cause of everything,but it wasn't  
RM : Hmm, moral of Last Sacrifice? Probably that love is big and very, very powerful.

Q: you thought about mentoring an aspiring author? 
RM : I wish I could, but there's not enough time with being a mom and making deadlines. Good luck!

Q: You are my inspiration for my writing. Thank you for showing so much courage through your books. Luv ya! 
RM : Thanks!

Q: Have you thought of writing a short story for Eugiene and Dorian? Fans of the series wanted more, hehe. 
RM : I hope I can get back to Eugenie someday. She's on hold (I know, crazy ending!), so we'll see. Fingers crossed

Q: When are you going to do another signing in Seattle 
RM : June, for sure, when TGL comes out. Check appearances on when it's closer.

Q: What about Sydney's sister, Zoe will we see more of her? Can she & Sydney patch things up? 
RM : We'll see Zoe again. :)

Q: Is there a possibility of a future spinoff with Roman or Carter as the main character? 
RM : No plans right now, but they'd be fun to write

Q: Which secondary character was the most fun for you to write? I personally love Eddie :) 
RM : Abe is probably my fave secondary character to write, but I do loves me some Eddie

Q: How you feeling about be one of the only author who have a whole world? 
RM : I hope other authors get their own worlds too. :)

Q: Do you think you'll tour on the east coast? around Virginia or North Carolina? 
RM : Not sure about those places, but I'll be out east this year for sure.

Q: Do you ever think you will come to Ireland? 
RM : I hope so. I had a personal vacation there a few years ago and loved it. So beautiful!

Q: I dyed my hair red in celebration of the VA series, shall we start a worldwide trend? 
RM : Nice !

Q: How long does it take you to outline a book? 
RM : Outlining a book is hard. It can take a week or a month depending on how strong the idea is in my head.

Q: where and when did you find out VA was going to be published 
RM : I found out around my birthday in 2006. Can't remember where...probably at home. :)

Q: Does Adrian get a car in TGL or is he still bumming it on the bus? 
RM : have a BIG role in the Golden Lily.

Q: Who was the first character you came up with in VA? Rose/Dimitri/Lissa/Adrian? 
RM : Rose was the first VA character I created. THen Dimitri.

Q: Do you have any info whether international releases are same-day? (Hi from Australia!)
 RM: Australia, UK, and US *should* have the same release day.

Q: Which character are you the most proud for creating??? 
RM : I'm proud of them all, but I love that so many girls want to be strong like Rose

Q: Weird Q for ya, neighbors still leaving you baby stuff? LOL 
RM : lol NO! No more surprise baby stuff from neighbors. :)

Q: when will you be coming to visit us down here in Australia? 
RM : Probably not this year but hopefully soon. I love you guys!

Q: Vampire Academy is AMAZING! You're a great writer, really. 
RM : THank you!

Q: will Micah be returning in TGL? 
RM : Yup, we'll see Micah in TGL

Q: I Love your YA books even though I'm 26 years old, how do your other books compare? 
RM : Well, I'm biased toward them. :) Check out their descriptions under books at

Q: How old do you think your son will have to be before you tour Aus again? 
RM : Haha, not sure. It'd be fun if he could go with me, but he'd prob have to be 3. I might be there sooner.

Q: About the romance, have you have in mind a romance for two characters we did not see coming in TGL? 
RM : Yes, there are surprise romances in TGL

Q: Are there plans about the following graphic novels? 
RM : THe Frostbite GN will come out in April. It's awesome.

Q: Now that you're a mom, do you see yourself writing children's books in the future? 
RM : Ha, no. I think YA are the youngest books I'll write. But I'm learning a lot about children's books!

Q: Favorite part of the app? 
RM : Love the characters in the app.

Q: Does Sydney's sister/father become more important to the storyline as the Bloodlines series progresses? 
RM : yup, we'll see more of Sydney's family as the series progresses. Not so much in TGL.


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sosobooks a dit…

Je trouve ça trop chouette qu’elle publie finalement l’anthologie sur rose et dimitri je suis super pressée de la lire mais qu’est ce que veut dire le titre ?:)
Et moi aussi je rêverais d’avoir plus d’info sur l’histoire de janine et abe même si on ne les a jamais vu ensemble c’est presque un couple mitique^^ plus j’entend parler de TGL plus j’ai envie de le lire mais pour ça il faudrait d’abord que je lise bloodlines, pourquoi ne sort-t-il qu’à la fin de l’année !;( dimitri in TGL haaaaaa<3 et un un peu rose, abe, christian, micah,… !:)))J’ai souris en voyant qu’un de ses moments préférés était la fin de shadow kiss, c’est un peu sadique pour nous :p mais c’est vrai qu’avec (beaucoup) de recul il est génial ;) et j’espère vraiment qu’elle viendra un jour en France (et en Belgique pourquoi pas sinon je fais le déplacement :)

Vovka a dit…

pour te répondre sosobooks, moi aussi j'attends avec impatience l'histoire sur Rose et Dimitri. Attention le titre Foretold (=prévu) est le titre de l'anthologie (c'est à dire du recueil d'histoire) pas de l'histoire elle même.

Pour l'histoire de Janine et Abe j'ai hâte qu'elle trouve du temps mais à mon avis elle ne le trouvera jamais avec son fils lol. Elle écrit déjà Bloodlines #3 + son prochaine bouquin adulte alors ça doit déjà bien occuper. En attendant tu peux aller lire ma version des faits ( ) (J'espère que j'ai le droit de faire ma pub Sofia si tu vois ça :)!)

Quand à sa venue en France je l'espérais vraiment pour cette année mais visiblement on va devoir attendre...