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Chat avec Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead répondait sur Goodreads aux questions qu'on avait pu poser sur le topic ces derniers jours. Voici un extrait de ses réponses, avec d'excellentes nouvelles :

Voici en français le plus important :
-Elle est presque sûre qu'elle continuera à écrire sur le monde de Vampire Academy après Bloodlines. Elle ne sait pas encore sur qui par contre...
-Dimitri n'a jamais vraiment demandé Rose en mariage, il le dit juste en rigolant.
-Elle n'écrira jamais du point de vue de Dimitri (pour garder tout le mystère du personnage!)
-On verra un peu Rose et Dimitri dans les derniers tomes de Bloodlines, et qui sait ? Elle écrira peut-être d'autres romans sur eux après Bloodlines.
-Abe ne savait pas que Janine était enceinte. Quand il a su qu'il avait une fille, Janine n'a pas voulu qu'il soit impliqué. Son indépendance lui a fait penser qu'elle pourrait tout gérer toute seule, mais bien sûr, ça n'a pas suffit à éloigner Abe finalement.
-Elle a choisi d'écrire du point de vue d'Adrian dans le tome 4 de Bloodlines et les tomes suivants car l'intrigue devenait trop complexe. Dans Vampire Academy grâce au lien elle pouvait suivre à la fois Rose et Lissa mais là elle doit changer de point de vue car  il y a des choses qui arrivent lorsque Adrian et Sydney ne sont pas ensemble.
-Dimitri a fait quelques soirées bien arrosées à la vodka lorsqu'il était plus jeune.
-Et voilà à quoi s'attendre pour The Indigo Spell (attention ça peut vous spoiler les premiers tomes): il y aura le mariage de Sonya. On verra l'un des centre de formation des alchimistes. Il y aura beaucoup de magie. Ian, Abe, Rose, Dimitri, Lissa, Christian seront dans The Indigo Spell (mais pas forcément avec un rôle important), et on en saura plus sur la famille de Sydney.

Et le reste en anglais, n'hésitez pas à demander une traduction ponctuelle :
Rose and dimitri one day will get married? RM: Aw, I can't tell you if something will happen or not! That ruins surprises. :) 

I would love for there to be a movie, but at the moment, no studio has taken us up on it. Fingers crossed it happen! And for me, the ideal cast would be a group of actors who haven't made it big yet! :) 

I always pair the main couple (or couples) in advance because their romances are a key part of the main plot. A lot of the little romances just pop up along the way, though. :) 

Abe didn't know Janine was pregnant for a long time. Later, when he found out he did have a daughter, Janine was pretty hardcore about him not getting involved. Her independent spirit made her think she could do it all on her own, but of course, that couldn't keep Abe away eventually. 

 My favorite book so far is probably Shadow Kiss. I know the ending made a lot of people sad, but it was a really powerful thing for me to write. 

 VA is based on some Romanian myths about good and evil vampires in the world. I took that idea and built my own mythology.

 And yes, Bloodlines will be 6 books, and I'm pretty certain I will continue writing in the VA world after that. But what that will be? I'm still deciding! :)  // And yes, I'm pretty sure I'll keep writing in the VA world after Bloodlines. I'm just not sure who it'll be about yet. :) 

We'll see all four (Lissa, Christian, Rose, Dimitri) of them in The Indigo Spell, but I can't say anything else! :)  

Gameboard doesn't have anyone exactly like Adrian, though the main guy does have his share of vices. :) 

We'll definitely see more of Eddie in the series, though I'm not sure yet how much of his background we'll get. It's hard sometimes with a character who's not the narrator. 

Dimitri's never officially proposed. He just mentions it as a joke sometimes. :)

I don't think I'll ever write in Dimitri's POV, actually. It's probably better that way because then he'll stay mysterious, and I think that's part of why people love him!

I'm not sure yet if I'll write more about R&D. We'll see them occasionally in Bloodlines (especially the later books). Who knows? Maybe I'll write more books about them when Bloodlines ends! :) 

Eddie will be dating Angeline much more casually than R&D, plus it helps that Angeline and Jill are together a lot.

We'll hear more about Sydney's sister in Indigo Spell. 

Adrian's middle name is a secret I'll reveal someday!

We'll find out a little bit more about Abe as the series continues. I know people would like to see a story about him and Janine, but I'm not sure yet if I'll write it. :)

They sent Rose to St. Vlad's because it's such a good school. Plus, Abe and Janine travel so much that they're not really in their home countries anymore.

And no, there isn't really a hunting trip. Abe was just trying to scare Dimitri! :) 

We'll see Ian in The Indigo Spell. :)

La suite demain car elle devrait encore répondre à quelques questions.


Abe specialized in Earth.

Why did you choose to make an Adrian's POV in the fourth book? Is it just for fun or you needed to do it for the plot? RM: It is because of the plot. It's going to be getting bigger, and not all of it will happen while Sydney and Adrian are together. In VA, I could follow Rose and Lissa both because of the bond, but I can't do it here, so it's time for another POV.

We'll hear more about Daniella for sure. I don't know about Tasha yet.

Yup! We'll see more of them (Sydney’s family) in The Indigo Spell.

The Indigo Spell is full of magic and witches! So stay tuned. You'll get lots of it. :)

Yes, Dimitri's had some too-much-vodka days when he was younger. :)

It only took a couple of weeks for VA to get picked up (by a publishing house). My agent submitted it to ten houses, and only one wanted it.

Yes--we'll learn about a whole lot of Alchemist stuff soon. You get to see one of their training facilities in the Indigo Spell.

There are already some love triangles with Jill, Eddie, and Angeline. Will there be more? You'll have to keep reading. :)

Will we see sonya's wedding in the indigo spell? RM: Yes!

What happened to Tasha after Last Sacrifice? RM : You'll have to keep reading the Bloodlines series to find out that answer. :)

We can know sometime who is Dimitri father? RM: Maybe someday! :)

How did you create Adrian? RM: Hmm...I'm not sure that there's an easy answer! I wanted there to be another guy to distract Rose, and I wanted him to pretty much be the opposite of Dimitri. As the series progressed, Adrian took on a life of his own and grew into more than I could ever imagine! :)

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