jeudi 28 juin 2012

Playlist de Richelle Mead sur les personnages de The Golden Lily

Richelle Mead n'a jamais de playlist correspondant à ses livres car elle n'écrit pas en musique, mais pour le site omnivoracious elle a donné les chansons qui pour elle correspondent aux personnages de The Golden Lily : 

This song is actually about a long distance relationship, but a lot of the lyrics remind me of Sydney. The lines that struck me the most when I first heard it were: “She’s waiting like an iceberg/Waiting to change/But she’s cold inside/She wants to be like the water.” There’s so much longing in that, and it perfectly describes Sydney. She puts on such a proper—and yes, at times cold—face for the world, and there are moments when she almost believes that she truly is cold on the inside. But, as the book progresses, we—and Sydney—see that there’s so much more to her. There’s a vivid, passionate nature within her that’s waiting to be released, and the song’s mood captures her yearning for that. 
This is a harsh song, a song of self-destruction and the pain of losing love. It definitely describes Adrian’s mood through much of the original Vampire Academy series and the Bloodlines series. He keeps experiencing all these hurts and throws himself into the aftermath full force, almost as if he’s relishing—or maybe challenging—his pain: “No walls can keep me protected/No sleep, nothing in between me and the rain/And you can’t save me now.” These dark moods of his both fascinate us and make us ache for him. I wish I could say the storms are over for him, but he’s still got a few to endure. Hang in there, though, because he might eventually get some sun. 
I admit it: I’m a Nickelback fan. I like this song for Eddie because he is a real-life hero. He’s tough and brave and trying very hard to be a “mini-Dimitri.” But what really hit me when I took a closer look at these lyrics was this verse: “Now that the world isn’t ending/It’s love that I’m sending to you/It isn’t the love of a hero/And that’s why I fear it won’t do.” In many ways, that perfectly describes Eddie’s feelings for Jill. He doesn’t think he’s good enough for her—or rather, he doesn’t think Eddie the man, the ordinary dhampir, is good enough for her. And so, he refuses to acknowledge his feelings and focuses solely on being a perfect, larger than life guardian because that’s all he thinks he can be for her. 
When thinking of a song for Jill—sweet, innocent Jill—I immediately figured I’d go with some plaintive ballad. Then, I remembered this song and realized that my initial instinct for her is exactly what this song is describing: everyone writes her off as this helpless young creature that has to be sheltered. “Oh, I’m just a girl, all pretty and petite/So don’t let me have any rights.” This has been the story of Jill’s life since she found out she was royalty. Everyone’s been making her decisions for her and moving her around like a game piece. The interesting thing is that as the song goes, we start to see the tone become defiant: “Oh, I’ve had it up to here.” The song’s singer isn’t going to put up with the coddling anymore…and neither is Jill. 
Angeline’s song is another that surprised me. When you think of her, the kneejerk reaction is some angry girl song or “Wild Thing.” But I actually lean toward this song because it’s about the contradictions we all carry inside of us. “I’m green but I’m wise/I’m hard but I’m friendly baby/I’m sad but I’m laughing.” Angeline is no different. She puts on a tough exterior but is secretly terrified of the new world she’s in. She acts brash but is cool and collected in a fight. We’re going to see more and more of the real Angeline and learn that she’s a lot more than just a backwoods girl who’s good for comic relief.

Pour chaque chanson les explications de Richelle Mead sont en italique. Quelle est la chanson qui correspond le mieux à son personnage pour vous ? Votre chanson préférée ? J'aime beaucoup celles de Eddie et Jill.

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Rachel W. Valenkaya a dit…

J'adore celle d'Adrian.. mais je suis une fan de Florence + The Machine donc c'est pas objectif.. si ??

Vovka a dit…

lol non ce n'est pas objectif ^^ moi j'aurais vu un truc plus violent pour Adrian, vraiment un truc d'écroché vif...mais celle qui est choisie est bien aussi, les paroles conviennent bien :)