mardi 29 juin 2010

Preger Entertainment a acquis les droits d'adaptation de VA

Le New York Times vient d'annoncer que Preger Entertainment a acquis les droits d'adaptation de Vampire Academy :

Preger Entertainment has acquired the motion picture Rights to Richelle Mead’s New York Times best selling book series “Vampire Academy” (Penguin/Razorbill Books). The deal was finalized by Jim McCarthy of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management representing the author and Larry Becsey of Intellectual Properties Group with legal representation through Wayne Alexander, of Alexander, Nau, Lawrence, Frumes & Labowitz representing Preger. In its first week of publication, “Spirit Bound”, the fifth book in this series, achieved a New York Times and USA Today # 1 bestselling series ranking, while simultaneously debuting as the #1 best seller in Australia and New Zealand.

Richelle Mead a également communiqué sur le sujet via son LiveJournal :

Here's the other news. It's been in the works for a while, but we often have a delay before we can announce things. Vampire Academy has been optioned for film by Preger Entertainment! Yay! Let me make it clear, though: an option is exactly that. An option. It's a right to the books I sell, and it means Preger now has the option of turning VA into a film. It may not happen anytime soon. Some books are optioned for years with no action. So that may mean nothing is happening right now. Of course, it can also mean they're already scripting and making plans. The point I want to make is that you shouldn't brace yourself for a VA film coming out next spring. I probably sound pessimistic with these disclaimers, but I just want to be realistic because lots of books get optioned and have long delays before anything happens. Georgina was optioned over a year ago by Fox Television, and there's been no movement there either.

And what will happen with VA? That's as much a mystery to me as you. When an author sells those options, pretty much all control goes over to the production company. It's standard, and a lot of stories you hear about authors having a huge role in making a movie are simply that: stories. That's why movies don't always match books, but I have confidence in whatever Preger does. They're good folks. But, with it all in their hands now, I'll be waiting and hoping as anxiously as you. I have no clue when/if production will begin or how it will unfold. Like I said: it can be months, it can be years. Also, this means I don't have any control over casting. I have to mention that because I get requests almost daily. :) Sorry! So cross your fingers on what'll happen to VA, but remember to be cautious and patient. The press release is here.

Comme l'explique très clairement Richelle Mead, l'achat des droits d'adapation des livres n'est pas à confondre avec l'annonce du lancement de la production du film. Cela pourrait prendre de plusieurs mois à plusieurs années, ou voire même ne jamais aboutir. Mais bon vu le succès des livres, je suis très optimiste à ce sujet! Cependant je reste très partagée sur une adaptation en film, car d'une part j'ai peur d'être déçu par un film qui ne soit pas à la hauteur des livres, d'autre part j'ai peur que tout le battage médiatique qui pourrait accompagner la sortie du film dénature l'oeuvre originelle de Richelle Mead (Twilight en est le meilleur exemple). Wait and see!

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